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  1. Introduction
  2. Disclaimer
  3. FAQ
    1. Encountering Captcha during Login?
    2. How to Receive Friend Messages
    3. Why Do I Get Disconnected?
    4. How to Multi Login?
    5. Supported Systems?
    6. Will Accounts Get Banned?
  4. Our Advantages
  5. Key Features
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  • WechatAPI is developed based on the WeChat Windows protocol and WeChat Android protocol, providing you with a powerful set of WeChat API tools.
  • Our goal is to make your WeChat integration more open and customizable. Try Now and experience our advantages.
  • Suitable for individual developers proficient in any programming language.
  • Suitable for teams with technical personnel.
  • Supports WeChat versions 3.9.5 and 3.9.10.
  • Offering the source code for version 3.9.5 (for educational purposes only). Students are welcome to reach out.


- This tool is for learning and technical research purposes only and must not be used for any commercial or illegal activities. Otherwise, consequences will be at your own risk.
- The author of this tool makes no express or implied warranties regarding the security, integrity, reliability, effectiveness, correctness, or applicability of this tool, and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses, liabilities, claims, demands, or lawsuits arising from the use or misuse of this tool.
- Users of this tool must comply with relevant laws and regulations, respect the copyrights and privacy of WeChat, and must not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of WeChat or any third party, nor engage in any illegal or unethical activities.
- By downloading, installing, running, or using this tool, users signify that they have read and agreed to this disclaimer. If you disagree, please stop using this tool immediately and delete all related files.


Encountering Captcha during Login?

  • For some accounts, a 6-digit captcha may appear during login, which is normal. Simply open your phone and input the captcha; it won't affect your usage.
  • Reason for this issue: the IP address of the logging-in computer is not the usual one.

How to Receive Friend Messages?

  • Start an HTTP processor to receive messages. For details, refer to Message Handling.
  • Below is Python code you can run, with fairly comprehensive comments.

Why Do I Get Disconnected?

  • Logging in from a non-regular device may result in disconnection within the first 3-7 days. However, your account won't be banned; this is normal, with varying frequencies for different accounts.
  • Reason for this issue: part of the official strategy to combat buying and selling accounts.

How to Multi Login

  • Each WeChat instance launched with a different port represents a separate account. After logging in with the first account, modify the port and launch the second one.
  • Ongoing technological advancements: Subsequent methods for multi-login on WeChat will also be supported in API format.

Supported Systems

  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 11 and above.

Will Accounts Get Banned?

  • The software itself doesn't directly lead to bans. Unlike common hook methods in the market, we employ a protocol + hook hybrid mode, utilizing a combination of Windows and Android protocols along with double hooking.
  • Official risk control strategies include:
    • Client-based detection, which we ensure won't result in bans.
      • Example: Some individuals utilize open-source hook methods to achieve their goals, yet many accounts have been banned even without sending any messages.
    • Content and frequency issues need to be managed by users themselves. We provide reference solutions such as known risk control documents.
    • Users engaging in illegal activities are discouraged from using our service and will bear their own responsibilities.
  • Our primary aim is to enhance work efficiency and facilitate users in using WeChat. Under normal usage, bans are rarely encountered.

Our Advantages

- **✅ Stability**:
  - ✅ Stability is our greatest advantage!
- **Visibility of Implementation Logic**:
  - ❌ With open-source products, the code is visible to the official, making it easy for them to identify and detect risks.
  - ✅ However, our product is obfuscated across multiple protocols and employs proactive inducement strategies, making it difficult to detect. If risk-controlled, even regular users cannot use it.
- **Timeliness of Risk Control Strategies**:
  - ❌ Since open-source product authors have no profits, they might lack strong motivation to maintain it when official risk control strategies change, potentially resulting in user bans.
  - ✅ We boast a professional, full-time team where the suspension rate serves as a benchmark for our technical proficiency. This drives us to vigilantly uphold it, enabling us to promptly counter official risk control measures.
- **Supported Versions**:
  - ❌ Open-source products support lower versions of WeChat, but imagine if you were the official, and you previously used version 3.9.5, suddenly switching to version 3.9.2; wouldn't you think there's something wrong with that account?
  - ✅ While our product only supports installation of version 3.9.5、3.9.10, internally, we've implemented some of the latest version protocols, ensuring stability.

Key Features

  There are many official risk control strategies including devices, behavior content, frequency, and networks; we ensure that this software does not lead to account bans. 
  Additionally, we provide risk control advice documents on content, frequency, behavior, etc.
  • Multi-WeChat: Native support for running multiple instances of WeChat
  • Nearby People: Support for adding nearby people from any location
  • Voice Message: Integration of sending voice messages from the Android version
  • Video Account: Integration of Video Account API from the Android version with aggressive exposure
  • Moments: Integration of Moments API from the Android version with statistical replication
  • Live Rooms: Integration of Live Rooms API from the Android version with screen-swiping crawler
  • Official Account API: Crawling articles from official accounts, likes, and reading counts
  • Group Management: Rich API for group management
  • See More: See more APIs

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