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🚀 Try WechatAPI Now

  • Welcome aboard the WechatAPI trial! We offer you user-friendly tools to seamlessly integrate with the Wechat API.

👍 Perks of Trying Out

  • Free of Charge: The trial version comes at no cost, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in our product before making any commitments.
  • Comprehensive Trial: Enjoy access to all our features during the trial period, enabling you to explore and utilize them to the fullest extent.
  • Always Up-to-Date: Stay synced with the latest version, ensuring seamless compatibility without any pesky reminders about outdated versions.
  • Rock-Solid Stability: Count on stability! We assure you that using our software won't land you in hot water with account bans.
  • Top-Notch Security: With full localization, rest assured that no information gets uploaded to servers.

📞 Contact Information

  1. Telegram: @wechatapi_bot(Self-service bots)
  2. Email: Temporarily closed
  3. QQ: Temporarily closed
  4. Wechat: Temporarily closed

Version Information

Free Version:

  1. Partnership: Develop applications using our API, billed monthly per endpoint (negotiable with business partners).
  2. Donation: Reserved for select users, such as independent developers (develop and open-source the initial version within the 14-day trial period to qualify for a device donation).

Paid Version:

  1. Wechat Edition: Connects directly to Wechat, offering unrestricted access (information reporting discontinued, this version is no longer available).
  2. Device Edition (bulk discounts available): Connects via device (rebindable), billed per device with no limits on Wechat logins.
  3. Enterprise Edition: Device-agnostic, but not available for personal purchase.
  4. Source Code Edition: Source code for version 3.9.5 available; latest version source code currently not for sale.

📞 Technical Support

  • Ongoing Maintenance:
    Supported by a dedicated maintenance team.
  • Missing Wechat APIs:
    Free development (scheduled), with priority given to paid users.
  • Version Upgrades:
Non-custom business features:
    - Major version upgrades: 20% fee, minor version upgrades: free.
        - Optional; you can continue using the old version without upgrading.
    - Major versions entail significant updates like support for new Wechat versions.
Custom business features:
    Cost assessed through technical evaluation.
  • Custom Business Features:
    Open for negotiation. Technical evaluation determines workload, priced at 1500/person/day.